The Dirigible Balloon
Poetry for Children

A Brand New Year

We’re expecting a brand new year
and I’m getting really excited.

It’s bound to include a spring and a summer
and I love them, they’re the best

and there’s a good chance the summer
will come with a holiday.

And the new year is certain to be filled
with birthdays, including one for me

and there’ll surely be an Easter,
a Hallowe’en and, best of all, a Christmas.

But then there’s all that other stuff
that’ll be packed into it as well,

the unexpected stuff, the surprises.
I hope they’ll all be nice.

About the Writer

Philip Waddell

Philip lives in a friendly Oxfordshire village close to Thame. He studied Biochemistry and Microbiology a long time ago and had a variety of jobs but is now retired. Born in Guyana he has lived in various countries and has always enjoyed traveling. Since the 90s his poems for children have appeared in dozens of anthologies and he has produced two collections for children with his friend, performing poet Ian Bland.